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Amaross Caster

Who is Amaross Caster and what do they do?


The Amaross Caster is an E-Commerce Store & Product which is an unique net casting device used to cast - fish / prawn / bait nets and is made of a high-tech nylon material. The Caster is designed to help make casting easier with less mess and less hassle whether you are an amateur or experienced net caster. The caster is very robust, and durable and is octagonal in shape measuring 400 mm (almost 16 inches) across the diameter and standing approximately 140 mm (almost 6 inches) high with a pistol grip handle for stability when casting. The octagonal pyramid at the centre disperses the weights into 8 individual pockets around the perimeter for even weight distribution when casting. Sides of the octagonal caster slope outwards for easy dispersal of net when thrown. Being made of lightweight material (700 grams - almost 1 1/2 pounds), and having only 3 mm (1/8 inch) thick walls allows for ease of use for long periods.


What services have we provided?

- Social Media Management

- Shopify Website  Design

- Ads Management

- Strategic Planning

- Branding and Asset Design

What have we achieved?

- Officially launched the brand to the Australian Market in November 2022

- Reached 54,000+ People on Facebook in first 4 months

- Reached 4.2 million + People on Instagram in first 4 months by utilising Instagram Reels

What does our client think?

"360 Degrees Marketing has looked after my businesses for a few years now and I could not be happier with the professionalism and fresh approach Luke has brought to the table to promote my products and services via social media. Luke and his team have tirelessly worked on my accounts & always come forward with great ideas, different angles and aspects to allow the clients to view my businesses from different viewpoints and facets that I didn't even know about myself. I have entrusted my entire portfolio to 360 Degrees Marketing and am very happy with the ongoing results, because, in business, results equal monetary reward. I am a big fan."

- Vic from Amaross Caster

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