Consistency is Key!

Consistency is key when it comes to Social Media marketing! Put a 👋 in the comments if you have struggled with being consistent...

Do you find yourself sporadically posting on social media and having weird bursts of content all at once?

We have all been there when you only have two minutes spare so you quickly put something together and post it but it is so important to make sure that there is a social media strategy in place so that not only your posting can be consistent but also your branding, messaging, voice, tone and graphics etc.

At 360 Degrees Marketing, you can trust that we will make sure that a strategy is in place that will ensure that your content is relevant, consistent, and engaging. #consistency

If you find that you aren't being consistent on social media, it may be because you aren't planning ahead. Planning ahead means you have content ready to go at your fingerprints. Here are a few tips:

💬Try to plan at least one week of content in advance.

💬 Try planing a variety of content, see our next blog post soon for ideas on what to post

💬 If you are unsure of how to make graphics , use really user friendly apps like Canva.

💬Use a scheduling tool such as Creator Studio or Loomly.

💬Hire a social media manager to do this for you!

Don't let your business lose potential sales or engagement due to a lack of content on your social media channel.

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