Trends, and how we can use them!

We are currently living in the height of technology with social media and now have the ability to access anything from anywhere around the world, at the touch of a few buttons. This allows us to follow trends passed down from leaders, celebrities and influencers globally.

Joining in with trends allows you to stay in touch with your social media ‘audience’ and in view of your customers and preferred clientele. As an example, one of the trending social media platforms at the moment is Tik Tok. If you are not familiar with Tik Tok, in short it is an app where you can share short videos to an online community. The popularity of the videos are determined by the amount of ‘likes’ the video has and how many times a certain video has been re-created.

When trends occur, it is important to jump on board and relate it back to your business. You want the increased popularity of the trend to drive ’traffic’ back to your business.

As a fun example, Tik Tok has many dancing videos that go viral (a video that spreads quickly across the internet), perhaps you could recreate this video in front of your store or with your colleagues. This may not particularly appeal to your style of work, but if it fits the demographic you are trying to reach it is a fun way to connect in with them!

There are trends for each industry and the goal is to research and find out what the popular trend is and incorporate it into your social media strategy for your business. This will help boost your online business profile to those who are trying to connect with your industry.

Alternatively, look at getting some assistance from a marketing company like 360 Degrees, who can help you share more content related to what is trending in your industry to boost your presence online!

Don't let your business lose potential sales or engagement due to a lack of content on your social media channel.

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