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Pie & Pastry Paradise

Who is Pie and Pastry Paradise?

Pie & Pastry Paradise is a very well-known Bakery on the Fraser Coast with three very successful locations in Hervey Bay and has been established and operating now for 21 years. 

We were approached by Jodie (Owner of Pie & Pastry Paradise) in December 2020 to provide her with a proposal on how 360 Degrees Marketing could help elevate Pie & Pastry Paradise's online presence.

What services have we provided?

- Full Social Media Management

- Content Creation

- Instagram Reels Management

- Website Design and Management

- Design of Print Assets

- Design of Newspaper Adverts

- Creation of In-house TV Advertising 

- Strategic Planning

What have we achieved?

- Reached 789,783 People so far since we started managing Pie & Pastry's Facebook in January 2021

- Reached 146,899 People on Instagram since we started managing Pie & Pastry's Instagram in January 2021

- Developed and Conducted a successful "20 Year Birthday" Campaign in November 2021

- Increase in Turnover linked to Social Media Efforts

- Pie Pastry Paradise won 3 awards at the Fraser Coast Business and Tourism Awards in 2021 & 2022.

- Improved Pie & Pastry's Branding across the 3 stores

What does our client think?

"Let’s face it – in small business, you wear many hats. My husband and I own and operate three bakeries in Hervey Bay. In Early 2021, after I decided that I was better at my business than I was at Social Media Marketing, I contacted Luke from 360 Degree Marketing. I am so glad I did – Luke has taken my online business profile from an unprofessional mismatch of confusion to a clear and highly effective and engaging platform that presents to the world the professionalism of our business. The increase in engagement is between 500 and 1000%. That’s huge!! Luke has become an integral part of our continued success and, understandably, after our initial contract, we’re staying with 360 Degrees Marketing."

- Jodie Berkhout from Pie & Pastry Paradise

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