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Social Media

Hour Power

Hour Power

I'm so excited to help you grow to another level!

I am so excited to now be offering Coaching & Training to small business owners. I wholeheartedly believe that that businesses stand out when an effective Social Media strategy is in place.

Our training and coaching sessions are individually crafted and designed to suit your business' specific needs, goals and situation.

The aim of our sessions are to have you walk way with actionable steps. Knowledge is great and all but we want you to walk away with a clear plan and actionable steps that you can put into place today! 

Go 1:1 with me

Luke Strochnetter

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So what can I expect in this session? 

It's just Me (Luke of course!), yourself and a Whiteboard for an hour. Need advice, support or strategy for your Social Media - this session is for you! We can cover Strategy, Content Creation, Instagram, Facebook, Bios, Content Pillars, Content Types, Short Form Content, Hashtags, Reel Strategy, Tiktok and/or Linked In.

We pack your
HOUR OF POWER strategy session with KNOWLEDGE BOMBS💣 and amazing useful information to help you take on the DIGITAL WORLD!

Have fun


Learn New Skills

"Really enjoyed the workshop and how well you presented the information and kept me engaged.
I have started up an Instagram account for the company, following your advice and look forward to seeing/understanding the difference it makes to the business."
- Jennifer from Kimber Plumbing


"Luke is an amazing young man, 360 degrees is worth the investment!


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